Thursday, February 25

Rock out: This Just In!

I have an incredible amount of sadness in my life lately and an incredible amount of work to do today, but it's all just going to have to wait.

Can you see that wee-tiny font? It says 2010 album AND tour!!!

* !! *

This is definitely good enough for me, good enough for right now.

Thank you, universe. This is a great start.


Anonymous said...

I am another blogger. You may not have noticed this yet – many people haven’t – but you are now being restricted on how many posts you may show on your home page (and in your archive pages) due to a new “auto pagination” restriction that Blogger has introduced. This is wrecking many people’s blogs, ones that by their nature, need to show lots of posts on the main page. If this bothers you, please consider entering a complaint at this help forum. Unless a lot of people respond, they won’t change it back. Thanks.

Propoquerian said...

I modeled to a Tom Petty Song--do NOT misread me. I am no model lol. It was for a fundraiser, but each model chose her own song--I chose "Free Falling."
While I am still in college, I'm there from 9 am to 9pm, and if there are any troubles or sadness, there is just not enough good stuff to balance it out when we are busy!!! Hang in there :)

Anonymous said...


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