Thursday, September 10

Your Food Does Not Smell Good

Now accepting thoughts and (preferably) suggestions on how to encourage a not-so-intelligent cubemate to cease consuming aromatic lunches at our shared desk.

Said cubemate, who it turns out, sadly, is as thoughtful as they are intelligent, also deems our shared office trashcan an acceptable place to store leftover odorous foodstuffs. You were out for over an hour. And you brought back lunch to eat here? Right here? What the bloody hell were you doing for that hour? Standing mid-parkway and twirling? Letting your lunch congeal in the sun?

Any and all suggestions welcome. Those involving bludgeoning, calling that "guy you know" who "can take care of things", chair bombs, and/or coughing later escalated to polite requests have already been considered.

Thank you.


Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Two words: Exlax Cookies

Anonymous said...

Are could be liberally dosed with Hydrogen sulfide or (even worse) Giorgio.