Wednesday, August 12

The Path Of Least Time-in-Cube-with-Idiot

My client was out last week, at the beach with his family. Promptly upon his return today, he called to send me on an errand. An errand that required me to not only leave my cube in order to retrieve a "very important document" (read: single piece of paper) but to also enter the great outdoors! In response to his hat-in-hand request, I think I actually said, "so, what you're saying is, I get to go outside"!? I donned my running shoes and was off on my errand! Pretty sure I left my client dangling on the line wondering wtf just happened.

Hooray for errands!

1 comment:

Zandria said...

Hahaha! I love the map! Good for you for taking an opportunity to get outside (and stay out there longer than expected!). :)