Wednesday, March 25

Management Question

It takes him SIX WEEKS and EIGHT prods to review the document. He skims it over, makes three comments on the first four (of the two-hundred) pages, and stops. Forwards it to me with said comments, adding that he "stopped after four pages". He then writes me and calls every hour on the hour to find out if I reviewed his comments?


So what am I supposed to do here? Passive aggressively ignore him? March on over to headquarters, climb up a chair and bitch slap him? These are the only options I can foresee.


Burnt Couch said...

I appreciate that you now, 6 weeks into the project, have taken the time to review the 4-pages and make what you feel are appropriate comments.

Continue reviewing unless you've been instructed by (higher management) to work another project of higher priority (according to said higher management).

I will review your documents in the order in which they have been submitted in relation to the priority work.

Please do NOT stop reviewing the documents as these were expected to be received over 4 weeks ago.

honeykbee said...

Are those first 2 paragraphs just dripping with sarcasm and nastiness or is it just me?

Scottie said...

I say fuck it and quit..and then we move to some beautiful little town on the coast and open a bar/bakery ;-)

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Well, as much as I like Scottie's idea, I vote for the bitch slap!

Beakerz said...
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Beakerz said...
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Burnt Couch said...

I said what I mean and I mean what I said...maybe with some of your editing but yea, that's what I'd tell him.

but I really like the west coast bar idea!