Monday, February 2

Hey, Phelps, You Lose Your "Ganj"?

Medicinal Marijuana?

By Kelvin Robinson
updated 33 minutes ago

WASHINGTON -- The D.C. Fire Department is launching an investigation after a bag of marijuana was found in the back of a city ambulance.

A paramedic found the ganj while assisting a patient, department officials said.

D.C. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin issued the following statement: "I will not, and this department will not ever tolerate illegal activity by our members on or off duty." He added the department has a random drug testing policy for the entire agency, and "this incident clearly illustrates why random drug testing is needed."

It's unclear where the pot came from -- or how it wound up in the ambulance -- but the medic who found it immediately notified his supervisor, investigators said.

Rubin added that the health and well-being of patients is of grand importance to their operation and there is no place for drug use in the D.C. Fire & EMS Department.


Deatoni said...

And once again, medic Gary "Jerkface" wonders why the other guys in the office continue to call him names even after doing his civic duty.

Olkie said...

i think it was Rubin's weed.