Wednesday, December 10

Day Without A Gay Storm

Sent on: 12/10 22:24


Significant phallic-shaped storm system set to move though the DC meto region over the next 48 hours. Icy travel conditions possible as cold air swarms and filters about the gonads and gives the Capitol region the shaft on Friday. Please see enclosed map for 0utlook.

The National Weather Service has issued a FLOOD WATCH for Montgomery County from 7am Thursday until Thursday Evening. Heavy output associated with an approaching storm system may have the potential to cause severe and unexpected flooding within the next 24 hours with 2-4" of possible precipitation. This may cause flooding of some creeks and streams.

Residents should remain alert for the possibility of snow and icy travel conditions during the engorged rush hour morning commute on Friday.

Note: Needledick floods such as this one kill more people every year than any other weather hazard. Do not drive through flooded areas. As little as 2 feet of water can sweep a vehicle off the road. Please stay alert for any warnings and wear your rubbers.

**end Alert**


Deatoni said...

Holy crap this was so funny i blew a booger out of my nose.

I feel bad for the tissue cleanup crews.

Scottie said...

Damn..I thought I got dicked earlier...

Anonymous said...

That's a boot, not man parts! YOU HAVE ISSUES!! (weather related issues!)