Friday, September 12

Come on Get Happy

How can you tell when a blogger is happy? You can't. Because they disappear. For months on end.

But here I am! I'm back! And having the kind of week where you point your car fob at your house's front door and are downright mystified when the door doesn't open no matter how many times you press the button. Stupid door.

The invitation to my best friends' wedding arrived today and I burst into tears. Even though I've seen the invitation before. And not just a sample of the invitation, I mean I had seen *my* invitation; held the very same card and envelope in my hand just a few days ago. This was a completely tearfree encounter. Great card, caused big smiles, nary a sniffle. Guess it had a giant invisible sack of hitchhiker estrogen jump on board during on it's 48 hour journey through the postal system that attacked my reluctant girlie receptors upon arrival.


Before I even opened my eyes this morning I knew it was going to be one of them days. You know that feeling when you're laying in bed, just on the outer reaches of slumber, that tiny tiny moment just before consciousness? Know how you can sometimes sense even then that something is wrong? That feeling of... this isn't what 7am usually feels like ...from behind closed lids? It was then I thought, "uh-oh". My eyes flew open and, yup, I overslept. Not by a few minutes, mind you but by a few hours. And I'm supposed to be the (sorta) boss! I guess the good part about that is that no one dares to question my arrival time. Also it was supposed to be my day off so goddamnit I'll come in as late as I want to. So there.


Now I feel better.

Okay then. See you in a few months.

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Scottie said...

hehehehe. i did that yesterday too, but i was working from home, so i just grabbed my laptop, replied to a couple of emails and looked busy ;-)