Friday, August 8

The Machatunem Trap

Sure, there's been some poop. Into every life some poop must fall. Broken car windows, drowned electronics, mishaps at the drycleaner, fractured appendages. But for the most part? I'm having one kickass stellar go of things of late. Let us recap, shall we? The last four weeks have bestowed upon me not one but two diamond rings, the world's most perfect proposal, a winning trip to AC, 6 TP shows, a serendipitous wii-ing, and Brett Farve joining the Jets. I mean, come on. Seriously? I'm engaged to my best friend AND BRETT FARVE IS A JET?

I'm so playing the MegaSuperball lottery tonight.

Oh and do all say a collective prayer tonight around 7pm when our parents will be meeting for the first time? That's right, you hear me say "prayer". There are no atheists in a foxhole, people.

Let's hope this event doesn't fall on the "poop" side of the fence.
Come onnnnnnnn 8.8.8......


Scott said...

I'm sure they were old friends by the end of the evening. If not, don't worry, because they will only be together once in a blue moon (much like your legs..:giggle:).


Lori said...

soooo.. how did things go?