Thursday, July 3

Charlotte, Maid of Clean Pores

If you're thinking that my big bitchery of the week would be how I failed to get the bridal shower invites out by the first of July as promised guess what? You'd be wrong. So HA! Not only did I get those puppies out the door with (mostly) correct addresses, (largely) current naming conventions and (probably) accurate postage, but I've already had some rsvp's (pronounced: Rezz-Vip-ss). Which seems to indicate that I got at least a few of the above close enough to precise as necessary. Suppose it also means that I won't be alone with the bride for her shower, which is her preference, not mine.

The bitch of the week is that I'm completely ticked, and honestly more than a little disappointed in each and every two of you, for not telling me about this:

You've seen this thing, right? This face fixing, modern day magic wand? It's fantastic. Hear me? Fantastic. I've spent the majority of the last 48 hours curled up with this thing and a lighted mirror. Who knows how many tens (dare I say, dozens?!) of dollars I've spent over the years on facials and facial related products that were immediately put to shame by this wondrous nine dollar loop of goop. I was late to work yesterday because I couldn't pry myself away from its magnificence. It has immediately become my favorite thing. I love it more than Tivo and light sabers combined. It is unlikely that I will stop poking at my face without intervention. If you've got nothing else to do this holiday weekend, I strongly suggest picking one up.


mineIsay said...

sorry - my legs are too long, my boobs too big and my face too perfect to possibly know about this. Btw, my preference is to have just me and you.

dwb said...

go easy with that thing, it will make your face all red first time out (JB used to poke me with it).

Lori said...

really seriously works wonders.. no sarcasm in your post??