Wednesday, June 25

Virginia Gas and Other Questions

Why do they spend 12 years training us as kids to turn our brains off during the summer and later expect us to grow out of it? It's summer, I'm in my 30's, and my brain is on vacation. Wherever I am, I'm really just not wholly there. While you might find this hard to believe, I find myself to be considerably more flaky than usual. This is most especially applicable at the office and every time the temperature soars above 80 degrees. While this does not excuse my blogging absence, it does happen to explain it.

Is there a name for the feeling that washes over you when you're crawling along in 5 lanes of traffic, just crossing the Maryland border, and it dawns on you that you should have stopped for cheap gas in Virginia? Yeah, well, there should be.

Do you know anyone else who goes shopping online with the intent of purchasing a sand filled Bosu ball and winds up in a hardcore cut-throat auction battle royale for a used, 30 year old, T-shirt?

Why is The Clapper a seasonal item? Do old folks not need to turn on/off the lights during the more tepid months?

Is the viewer discretion advisory really necessary before the midnight showing of Law and Order, Special Victims unit?

Which is worse?:

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dara said...

The heat makes my brain lethargic. I suppose it's like that with everyone.