Thursday, June 5

Don't. Want. To Live Like A Refugee...

On this, the verge of the most wonderful time of the year (read: Petty Season), we're trying to learn how to live without electricity. Don't know about you and the cushy indoor plumbing that you're taking for granted right this very second but I for one have learned soooo much about power over the last 24 hours! Did you know, for instance, that it is necessary to have said resource in order to pump gas, run water to anything over the 7th story, and move the elevator to the 24th floor??

Fascinating stuff.

Camped out at Some Hospitable Friends' last night and made it to both the gym and the office today only to determine that they, too, were without power and water. So much for stock-piling yogurt at work so that healthy snacks are always on the ready. With this storm comes the demise of literally billions of yogurt cultures. Or do they just then become probiotic?

Somewhere during the 118th flights of stairs I've climbed over the last day it occurred to me that I spend entirely too much time in elevators. And, at the same time, not nearly enough.


Anonymous said...

kinda hard to post this and have no

Scott said...

crazy shit. at least you got to a shower..pewww