Thursday, March 20

Good Thursday

Tomorrow is the last day to click on the little "vote BOLD" dealie I have on the right over there and support a really great and really important program. And, as I always tell myself while I'm shopping online at work, why put off until tomorrow what you can click on today?

End pandering.

Was planning an engagement dinner in NYC on Easter weekend the brightest thing I've ever done? No. No it certainly was not. Damnit, there was no way for me to know that chunks of I95 would be closed! Three days into the week and I've already secured my trophy so fuck it, we're getting to Brooklyn before Papa Leone's closes come hell or high water.

Things are looking up. All of a sudden, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't talk too much about it right now because *whisper* you-know-who *end whisper* is within striking range but let's just put it this way:

My idiot resigned!!!

I'm so giddy I can barely refrain from chair-dancing. Highly inappropriate chair-dancing. The countdown is on! 8 days until moron-free living commences!


Scott said...

you're giving the idiot a chair dance? quite generous, don't you think?

Lori said...

a yes... but he'll still call you everyday and send you emails.. just so you don't miss him. ;)

Anonymous said...

Define highly inappropriate? Your version or mine? ;)

- Buddy