Wednesday, February 13

Glimmer of Hope, Dashed

Know what I get for starting to almost sort of say that things are maybe kind of potentially could be looking up in the weight category? Not ten minutes later I get called "Jill!" by some dude who works here. And boy, was he excited to see Jill. How disappointed he looked when he eventually realized I was not she. Now, don't get me wrong, Jill happens to be a downright lovely woman, seriously tres cool; she's the wife of another dude I work with, and their newborn offspring probably has the cutest cheeks I've ever seen, and I wouldn' t mind being mistaken for her (if it were, say, over the phone) because she's also easily 340lbs and is well over 6ft tall.

That did not. Feel. Good.


Anonymous said...

...but you're not anywhere near over six feet tall... so clearly, he's retarded. Nothing to do with you at all.

Scott said...

maybe he's nearsighted and everything looks out of focus?