Wednesday, January 2

Your Pie Hole is For Sipping

So, tell me. No, really, you tell me. What's the proper protocol for conversing in public spaces?

Example: Do you feel it acceptable to have an extended conversation, say, on the metro, with someone standing 3-5 feet away from you? The beating of the rails causing you to raise your voice so that anyone within your end of the car is within ear shot?

Is this rude to force unsolicited and unwilling participants into your conversation; force them to hear about your toe jam and aunt Belinda and assorted "he said, she said" chatter garbage? Or worse, force them to bear witness to all of the loud toe jam and other assorted conversations mentioned above in a language they don't even understand (and you're not entirely sure is actually any recognizable language. Anywhere.)?

Inconsiderate? Or is it just part of living in our world today and something I just need to get over?

Have I been gone too long?

Okay but, is it rude to have the same conversation if it's on a phone? A treadmill? Open office cube spaces? How about on a phone while on a treadmill in an open office cube space? Don't think it doesn't happen. I just want to know if I'm being unrealistic in my expectations here. Where do you draw the line?

I can barely hear myself hooray over the new Starbucks sugar-free mocha over all this yammering. When exactly does anyone SHUT UP!?



mineIsay said...

I need to warn you about the sugar free syrups at Starbucks. I tried vanilla and it was vile. vilella, even.

The rule about talking in public is that it's public. you've no right to privacy or to quiet. But a good pair of headphones, I recommend these and listen to some music.

honeykbee said...

do I have to listen to music everywhere? All the time?

Beaker said...

does sugar-free mean, fat-free or free of any other carbons that could be considered 'bad'?
I only ask because the public usually thinks "oh, free of transfats. WOO!!" but forgets that sugar turns into fat if the said grande is sipped at work without movement.
sugar = potential energy = move it, or store it.

I know you, HKB, know this but for the rest of your reading public....

Anyway, with the noisy non-sense of the public, ...this is why I wore my ipod while shopping this holiday season.
The inability for the world to live in a noise-free environment seems next to impossible.
The solice I take in the brief moments of 'ssshhhh' are precious.
This is a wonderful topic for a post and I could go on for days!!! but in short, no. People will obviously do whatever they want, wherever they want, and feel entitled to it.
In fact, I thought of this topic when my mother left the room after answering the telephone last night, as to not create further noise polution, during the romp of WVU over Oklahoma!
GO WVU!!!! and congrats on a new coach.
sorry. not my blog. lol.

I suggest meditation. It can help with learning patience for the rude that is the general public.

While I agree with mineisay in that public = public and therefore a loss of the right to privacy, I see no reason why people can't practice some civility and not yell at top level to each other in most normal situations.

Maybe it's that people have become freakin' deaf or ADD?
But I believe that people just flat out don't give a shit about the rest of the world and feel like they should be able to do whatever they want, whenever they home, public, wherever.

God forbid anyone apologizes anymore! but that's a whole different post for you to address ;)

Thanks for the post. A good one! Like I said, I could write forever on this one. Problem is, who would listen? They're too busy yelling over one another.

Scott said...

please, i got pissed today because two bitches in their ghetto-mobile were talking so loud i could hear them across the street..and their windows were CLOSED. i was like "thas jus' ignunt right there!"

Donna said...

Sugar-free latte's - what the hell would be the point?!?!?

zandria said...

I hate when I'm trying to read on the metro and people nearby are talking so loudly I can't concentrate. So rude!

English Teacher Extraordinaire said...

Hey--didn't I leave a long and detailed comment on this post? Damn--do I gotta re-type it?!?!?

honeykbee said...

Um, yes please? =\

haveyaseenlucky said...

How did I miss this?

Oh well. No you don't have to listen to music all the time, you can just play white noise really loudly on your personal listening device. (and by white noise, I do not mean Barry Manilow)