Thursday, January 10

Dog it Up

What's better than finding a $20 bill in your jeans pocket? Finding $317 you forgot about in your PayPal account! Woo hoo!

Oh snap, I'd better spend it before they figure me out. Okay, I'm going to Portland! Bye! Be good! Off I go!!

Hey, while I'm gone, please enjoy this. Feel free to gluttonate.


Scott said...

Enjoy Portland..beautiful town

Anonymous said...

no shit?

honeykbee said...

Im seriously in Portland! Edie and I made play doh cupcakes this morning and now Violet and I are making robot masks out of cardboard boxes. Most. Awesome. Vacation. =)

Try2Tri said...

Climbing Mount Hood? ;)


Debbie Downer said...

Thanks for your comments! Are you seriously inviting Peanut over? She'd love to meet Jake!

randiedoula said...

MMMMM, meatballs. Not exactly the recipe, but damn good, i think.

Just curious: am i linked with the brown bonnett on purpose and/or is there a joke I am missing? Ans hey, miss you already.