Wednesday, November 14

Just How Much Advil Is Too Much Advil?

My trainer was excited about a new toy she got on Monday and I should have known right then and there that something bad was about to happen. The toy was this huge, fat rubber band; like six inches thick and five feet in diameter. After laying eyes upon this thing, there should have been sirens blaring and little red flags waving wildly protruding from my every orifice. Instead of flight, there was fight; she bounced me and dangled me and on more than four occasions said "I wonder what would happen if I had you...".

Alas, here it is, two days later, and while I managed to
not fall on my face or break anything (good guess, though) while performing reverse pull ups and something she cheerily deemed "abolines", I also can't move any thing involving a muscle over 2° without searing pain. SEARing pain. EVERY where. Ow ow ow ow ow fucking OW!

I tried to call mercy and cancel my appointment for this afternoon but she said some
thing about lactic acid building up and ruining my weekend so back to the gym I go this afternoon.

No, I am not freaking kidding you!


Scott said...

I think that your lesbian trainer just wants to watch your naughty bits bouncing around as you swing around like a kooshball

zandria said...

That does NOT sound fun at ALL! Some pain and suffering is definitely inevitable at the gym, but rubber bands and "abolines" sound kind of scary. :)