Friday, October 19

Don't Even Get Me Started on Ticketmaster

Likely too tired to complain with my usual gusto but I wanted to introduce you to the following site, if you haven't found it already: I so should have thought of that one.

(btw, kudos to Chief Ninja Bossman for the shout and pointing me to that site. I have already spent a furious hour there fuming over the outpouring of Comcastian communism).

After our latest bout with the asshattery that is the Comcast monopoly, which consisted of 31 straight days of not having cable, waiting over 20 hours for service reps to show up (to no avail), three different cable boxes and a dozen hours on the phone, our cable service was rectified. I'm sure the situation is temporary.

Yesterday we got a bill from Craphat Comcast. They're not only charging us for the time that the service was out, but they've neglected to apply most of the $20 credits we were supposed to receive "for our inconvenience". $20.00 per 4 hour service window. Hmm. That's $5 an hour. If I worked at McDonald's I'd be ahead of the game AND I'd have all the hash browns I could five-finger. Oh and while they failed to apply the credits, they didn't forget to apply the $1.99 transaction fee for the application of the credits. That's $2 transaction fee for each $20.00 credit that wasn't applied. Neat, huh?

One can only hope that I get to spend Christmas in the same fashion that we spent Labor Day; without Internet or tv and paying to wait for Comcast to arrive and not rectify the situation.

Please also allow this post to serve as a farewell to Jake Gyllenhaal, as I'm going to start stalking Mona Shaw until she agrees to be my new best friend.


Beakerz said...

There's a reason I originally got rid of cable tv ;) With everything online or available via Netflix, Comcast can blow up!

Beakerz said...
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dara said...

You can always spend your work day calling them and complaining, which is likely to end in one of two ways: You'll get something out of them, or you'll wind up storming into their offices with a hammer.

I'd bet on the hammer. Just sayin'.

haveyouseenlucky said...

what about FIOS?