Wednesday, April 18

Tampon Delivery

I'm not going to talk about the VT thing because it makes me sad and scared. For real sad and scared. Different from the sad and scared caused by my getting busted having (ok, losing) a fight with the quarter-stealing, no regard for emergencies, tampon machine in the ladies room at work yesterday and being found by one of the building's maintenance workers AT MY DESK today so that she could bestow upon me a tampon and a pad in front of the entire testosterone riddled cubefarm.

If you can think of a better way to describe to the FNG who sits next to me why the maintenance lady came by to visit and brought me a gift package outside of "you truly do not want to know" then please, do tell.

I will, however, encourage you to put your bong down for a minute this Friday, 4/20, and participate in a little ritualistic show of support for the latest victims of our society gone amok.
If you are short on orange items to wear, please contact B as he has an abundance.

Speaking of colors, don't start with me about the frownie face, people; the frownie face is yellow because both smilie and fwownie faces are always yellow. Stop reading so much into everything! You're always looking for trouble lately. What? I did not say "fwownie". See, that's exactwy what I'm talking about! You'd better lock it UP!


Scott said...

I think the maintenance person needed to bring you some Midol as well, miss Crank-ass.

PMS much?

CruiserMel said...

I've been sad and scared, too - so I haven't been paying attention to the Cho stuff for today. I just had to shake it off from watching too much earlier in the week. Anyhoo, I had not heard about wearing the maroon & orange thing Friday. I went to college in Virginia and once dated a Tech boy so though that seems like a stretch, I feel a little kinship there. I will definitely wear my orange (and maroon, if I can find some) tomorrow. See? One really can learn from goofing off and reading blogs.