Friday, April 20

Premeditated Merger

Heads up, Beltway users:

A protest is scheduled for Monday. Truckers are planning to slowly drive around the beltway and downtown ...

Angry truckers to encircle D.C. with 'blockade'

Protesting administration plan to allow Mexican long-haulers on U.S. roads

American truckers plan to circle the White House and state capitals in a "rolling blockade" to protest a federal government plan to allow Mexican long-haul rigs to operate throughout the U.S.

Drivers who participate in "Truck-Out" also are being asked to run their rigs at the minimum speed permitted by law.

The protest is scheduled for April 23-25 to coordinate with the "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" rally and radio talk show marathon in Washington planned by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

"American truckers are going to have their jobs undercut or vanish into the hands of Mexican truck drivers as this Department of Transportation pilot project gains permanency," said Frosty Wooldridge, a writer and talk-show host who drove 18-wheelers for two decades.

More from Frosty(!?), here.


Beakerz said...

GOOD! I'm all for those MutherTruckers!

I'm all for legal workers to have legal jobs.

I'm also all for protests. Stand up for what you believe in. Except for protesting a happy hour. That just seems ridiculous, but to each their own.

Today, I protested work!

haveyouseenlucky said...

But the law that they are protesting actually makes them legal workers with legal jobs.

This protest sounds annoying yet pointless.

Scott said...

Interesting. Aren't we all immigrants?? And if it werent for the mexicans we wouldn't have: Margaritas, Mexican Food, cheap "help," and sharpie-pen eyebrows