Monday, April 23

It Took Three Weeks and FOURTEEN Holes in The Wall To Install One Set Of Venetian Blinds. Pavestone Walkway? Not Bloody Likely.

I don't even know what Pavestone is, but if it involves the phrase "easy to assemble" then I don't want anything to do with it. You hear me? ANYTHING!!


I scoffed at my mother when she told me what a pain in the ass it is to install blinds. I figured, "oh, silly mom! Another one of her silly mom silly, silly things". At this point I likely rolled my eyes. How hard can it be to install blinds? I even have a power drill! Zzzzt zzzt, I'll be in and out of there in 10 minutes, tops.


In reality, it took over a month, a series of tantrums, multiple trips to Lowes (what lying asshats they can be to customers asking questions late on an Easter Sunday afternoon. The nerve!), various chunks of drywall to the cornea plus an additional set (or three) of hands, but the blinds are up!! They are up, they are functional (i.e.: for the first time in four months, I did not wake to the tender glowing blaze of the sun smashing through the horizon), and not to toot my own horn but they look purty darn good. You know, compared to a nekkid window.

Oh and if they decide to fall down when I tug on the little adjuster string then they're just going to stay there. Forever.

Easy to assemble my Aunt Susan.

Spackeling. Again.

Aaaah... done!

Only three more sets to go!


Lori said...

doesn't it feel great to own your own home.

Beakerz said...

I think we did a great job! but I do know why people answer "what did you do all afternoon?" with "Put up blinds"


mineIsay said...

yeah, it's right up there with hanging plants when your ceiling is concrete. ha!

dwb said...

i'm not sure if I give this "blinds are hard to install" any credibility from you two given the entertainment set shelf that was held up with a pair of phonebooks....

honeykbee said...

It was a stack of Calvin and Hobbes books. Not phonebooks. Bite your tongue.

Also, you might the quest to hang blinds even less funny come Saturday morning. At dawn.

haveyouseenlucky said...

They look really good but, how did you manage to take a picture of the drilling when you were using both of your hands (sorry if that sounded dirty)

Brunch Bird said...

Knowing the way cats are, you just know yours was lounging there thinking, "'bout damn time they got those things up."

Deatoni said...

Two things i noticed:

1. You guys did a really good job, the window looks classy.

2. Brian's got a flat ass.

Scott said...

LOL at B's flat ass!!

Now, it couldn't have been that difficult. I'm sure you stopped part way through for a few smokes.

Hell, I've been known to put ikea furniture together half-lit on Margaritas without mistake and without spilling a drop

Beakerz said...

a. I took the pictures of her working and she of me working.

b. my ass is like a rock, so can it.

c. dwb and hkb, i totally believe that a 'fee' for lodging should be hanging