Wednesday, April 4

Another Installment of Your Favorite, and Mine: Favorite IM's!

S2E: i'm so glad we didn't marry our first loves.

CanIGoHomeYet: so, slurpee-slingers and vegetation will be voting on him

DWB: Moosil is a wod

Dunkin: go f yourself regarding Dunkin Donuts, missy! Don’t make me come down there and spank you. Oh wait…sorry. My fantasy, not yours.

Beyer: which makes me wanna throw something through the middle of the planet so it explodes on my head!

RAFette: I like my sketchers - but I love my Prada backpack

Melinda: ooh i like gina. not Va-gina.. but plain old Gina.

Dickie: one of these customers will die by my hand today

S2E: i'm not taking a chinese bus that goes faster than a plane

Pamala: you mean Santa Diamond doesnt drop them from his bling bling sledmobile complete with 30,000 horses of power? hey! no prob, large dicks and santa bling. its a good morning

Beyer: dont' make me leave here and pour that stuff down your throat

Walt: I think I caught your cold. that's what i get for hanging out at your blog so much!

Dickie: studying made women's ovaries rotten

Melinda: go smoke something and eat munchies. Hey is it possible for your ass to have dry heaves?

Dunkin: Sat is drag queen night and yours truly will be there as the best looking she-male since Eleanor Roosevelt

RAFette: Pay no attention to the sleep deprived lunatic

Mr. Cho: my puss is so fantastic

FatLa: well his mom always said he was a good kisser

S2E: the last thing we need is more men running around thinking there is no such thing as too big

Mr.C: loud foul talkin in yo face delicate flower

CanIGoHomeYet: hillary has a snuke up her snizz?

Dickie: LIAR! why must you turn this IM window into a HOUSE OF LIES?

Ralph: why dont you go inside and practice laughing. I'll be there in a minute.

Mr. C: she was pretty hintgivey when she asked what kinda cupcakes i like

CanIGoHomeYet: c'est la b ;-)

Beyer: I don't need the christ H

Shakes: which again, is why i have such a tony credit card

Chill: Goyim sedar; We are loud and obnoxious. They were quiet and reserved. We make jokes about our problems and issues. They hide and ignore them.

Dickie: we call them peeps. Because it's the last noise they make before we swallow them whole.


haveyouseenlucky said...

This is EXACT chatlog that I witnessed the last time I went into the "Christian Singles" chat room on AIM

mineIsay said...

Ya know.. "Melinda" has a personality so clear - i don't even need you to tell me who "she" is.
funny, funny stuff, as always.

Scott said...

sheesh...Does the fact that I have multiple names there indicate that I'm psycho or have MPD? btw..thanks for including my favorite pun. ;-)

verification word: mmkyok ... I say that all the time.. mmm co...oh wait nevemind

Deatoni said...

As always, your favorite IMs is my favorite post. Hilarious stuff.

Beakerz said...

but what does the 'J' stand for?

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

I made the post! Woo-hoo!