Wednesday, March 14

Your Moment In The Sun

A little backlogged on the favorite IM front, so prepare yourself for an onslaught:

MommasBoy: you must consider the verbal gasses

SnortThis: 18 years of couples counseling and he still doesn't get it

WildAnd: stick with calgon. my lesbian friends tell me it is just as painful.

Slave: my crotch needs a ring.

MommasBoy: why can't rulers have letters instead of numbers

TheMan: you’re now the most famous person I know

Beyer: try that again? and i don't think that works. i mean, i've never heard of anything that just clears out a woman, ya know?

MommasBoy: i've often considered my mind a waste as well.

Slave: $35 for a pair of undies that cause UTI's

Beyer: my garden has aint hills and moles and shit

MommasBoy: i remember when my old bosses were fired for incompetance. what a beautiful day.

BuzzsawsMomma: You know, it used to be where the jet set of DC went to get away from the city (years ago)

TheMan: dont you wish to drink from the bowl of hymen K?

DWB: get out of my pod pea

TheMan: i am a fully scholar in the george costanza school of working. people think youre always busy the more stressed out you act

Beyer: Fuck the Oracle

KitchenFloor: we should all be on meds

Slave: i'm on two glasses of wine. i'll fox whatever i want to

Beyer: yea well, i guess i'm the one keeping the underwear from out my mouth

BoredMember: i just realized, that you can have PB in your new place! we can sit around in PJ's watching chick-flicks loudly and call each other on our cell phones while downloading fun videos from YouTube and eating PB sandwiches and PB Creampahs!

Beyer: now of course, this could all go to shit within 5 minutes so lets not go around swingin' our dicks just yet

Slave: telekenesis is scientific!

Bearemy: you play the motor boat........ pppppffppfpfpfpf.... motor boating son of bitch. you old sailor you. where is she? she still in the house?

Mr.Cho: my peach my oyster my cookie..everybody want's a piece of my cookie

Duv: not sure this is well documented thoughout russian history, but stalin absolutely LOVED fritos. only thing that saved the bolshevicks initially....

FBL: I'll be as gentle as a lamb. A lamb who rolls his eyeballs.

Chill: are you trying to say I should be happy that I am spending $622.00 because it's not raining shit in my kitchen? My mom sent me $300.00 for Channukah. She said spend it on yourself. I spent it on my pipes and I don't mean a blowjob. That sucks

DNessDness: Cinnamon Rings, not just for Ham any more

UNRECOGNIZED IM NAME: i am at microtech with dad and have nothing to do

Wtb: i can beat the best poker players, but with you...i can't even play a hand


DaGince said...

Frito's L.M.A.O

Needtsza said...

if only i knew who i was

some are really glol though! =)

love these

Scott said...

i like that i have two different identities. ..

hehe, you said "member" hehehe

Scott said...

0h.. and the second cookie is a tookie... ::giggle:: that's fun