Tuesday, March 20

Attention! I Have A Cold!

Some asshat gave me a cold. So, here I sit, at work, coughing and sneezing and in a state of general disarray. As you know, when one has a cold, all one wants to do is tell everyone they come in contact with "I have a cold" [insert pout]. Not so much "scream it from the mountain tops" but more so "whine it out from under the blankets". Or maybe that's just me.

The good news is that not only do I have remnants of mom's chicken soup in the freezer from the previous solstice's cold, but I'm also like your own personal groundhog; as this cold unofficially marks the end of winter. Not just the calender end either (as you might have suspected that all on your own what with the pages of 2007 flipping by and all) but the actual end of miserably cold, windy, ice infused days. Here we are on the official cusp of spring, I'm surrounded by wads of tissues, vitamin C cough drop wrappers, and coworkers dressed in pastels, yet all I can think about is hoarding sick days for summer getaways. Using a sick day in March for something as silly as a cold seems ridiculous, does it not? When I could be using it midweek in July for a spontaneous Atlantic City (or Paris!) jaunt.

Clearly these cold meds are hallucinogens.


haveyouseenlucky said...

Aw, feel better. Drink loads of Nyquil and then put your head on your desk. You'll be whisked away to a magical place even better than Atlantic City.

Please stop using that C word. I find it so 'irksome'.

honeykbee said...

They took the stuff out of NyQyuil that makes it take you to dreamland! That and the fact that I had to sign three documents and present my license in order to have the honor of purchasing 24 sudafeds for $7.99, are the most tragic of FDA requirements thusfar.
Brocolli deaths be damned.

Also, I thought of you when I used the C word, if that's of any consolation.

matthew said...

i like your blog. you should add a subscribable button, so you can see who your readers are, and it's easier for them to follow it. check it out: the dc blog project. if you would like, i'll set up an account for you.

karla said...

May I recommend NyQuil? Not that it has any healing properties whatsoever, but man, that opium-like haze it blankets you in is the BEST.

Scott said...

Shit..who needs nyquil? just do a couple of shots of whiskey with a Red Bull and Xanax chaser. That, my pretty, will cure what ails you. :)