Saturday, November 4

Shoo Shoo Retarded Flue

Not one for needles, let alone those preventative in nature, it took weeks of steady convincing to talk me into getting a flu shot. The fact that my other half is currently being inundated by hundreds of sniffly noses and germ-riddled teenagers on the daily did the job. Between the potential move and some other upcoming major events, I decided I had no time to be sick right now and forked out $25 to be stabbed in the arm by a registered pseudo-nurse in the deodorant aisle of my local Giant Food. Yeah, nothing shady about that.

Band-aid on my upper arm, I was otherwise fine last night, and went to bed after a joyous Friday evening. Today, I feel very much not-so-fine, having first oozed out of bed at 6pm. I'm whimpering and moaning, dizzy and disoriented, and off we go to a costume party. Hoorah.


Scott said...

did you go as a zombie?

Needtsza said...

=* feel better