Monday, October 30

Takeout Taxi Sucks

You know what sucks? Fucking Takeout Taxi.

For those of you who don't dwell in the sticks and therefore haven't had the pleasure, Takeout Taxi is a service that, for a premium, will deliver food from restaurants who otherwise don't deliver.

A few months ago, in the heyday of our fat laziness, we were ordering from Takeout Taxi pretty regularly. Just as regularly, they would foul up our orders. Anything from uncooked food to extended delivery delays to outright forgetting one of the two entrees ordered (thats 50%, folks. Not even a passing grade at CUC). Sometimes a combination of all three injustices in one fabulously inadequate servicing. Eventually, no free credits in the world could woo us back.

This week we've entered a phase that I like to refer to as Double Jeopardy --what is, that we're both too busy to be bothered with gathering groceries and it's cold out, Alex? Good job, $400 for you. That closes out the "Considering Eating Fancy Feast I'm So Fucking Hungry" category.

So, tonight, in support of the theory that time heals all wounds, we once again called Takeout Taxi. This time, they did manage to deliver our food.

Like some sort of autumn miracle, both of the very uncomplicated items that we ordered were actually delivered. However-- they arrived cold and ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN MINUTES AFTER WE PLACED OUR ORDER!! But at least they arrived.

Tomorrow, I'm going to get some groceries. Seriously.


Junie said...

Are you for real? Do they have one in NY too? Maybe I should tell your bro?

Golightly said...

That graphic is hilarious!!

100 years of trash said...

do they deliver weed?

Needtsza said...

that is a cute graphic =)

what is weed?

and yea. they took FOREVER!!!!! and the food was cold and they blow ass!