Tuesday, October 10

I Have Never Once Discussed Animals in the Heisman Pose on This Forum... Have I?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Yes, you, the faithful reader of my blog. Don't worry, I'm not buttering you up to tell you of a pending hiatus or asking for donations or anything. I'm not even sarcastically berating you for being less than devoted to checking this site daily. I understand that not everyone can spend 8+ hours every day hitting "“check for new mail" or "refresh"”. I just wanted, without getting too involved or mushy, to say thanks for stopping by. I know that oftentimes you must have no idea what I'm talking about. I know that I have failed you occasionally by not posting something witty on your particularly boring day at the office. But throughout, you remain loyal and for that I thank you.

In case you've ever wondered where some Beelog readers originate, to follow is a list of Google searches that have brought users of Al Gore'’s interweb (and possibly even Al Gore himself) to my humble home on the Web:

  • "Honeykbee"
  • "Ferrari's Pizza NH"
  • "Slave2Slave"
  • "Clairol natural instincts won't come out"
  • "Webchat porn"
  • "Eggplant and labor"
  • "Mutton withered dressage saddle"
  • "Fuck Userplane"
  • "Bears and Bees"
  • "Vince Vaughn is gay"
  • "Don't use logic, this isn'’t biology"
  • "Animals in Heisman pose"

We at Beelog know that you have a choice when it comes to blog reading, and we thank you for your support.


DaGince said...

And I thank you for keeping me at number 5 for so long, I have heard that some people who train other people for a living, yet will remain un named...have dropped me from the list of places to go and see..but you HKB have let my foolish ways of not posting pass by un mentioned..and for that I thank you...I will get back on the horse as soon as possible

Scott said...

Oh dear! HAHAHA I'm going to have to steal this idea for my blog..sorry..it is the internet afterall, and as such it was built for plagiarism. ;-)

kershdo said...

Well, there was that one time. We were in, oh hell, were was that.....

Needtsza said...
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Needtsza said...

cute. I don't have such funny ones! I'll have to keep a look out now (echo'ing Scott's thoughts)

dwb said...

yeah....well...ever since that search for webchat porn brought me here, i have not been able to pull myself away.

Needtsza said...

this morning, someone searched for " unbelievable, dicks " and found my blog.

Made my week!