Tuesday, October 31

Hail to my Landlord

It was late in the weekday and the cupboard was bare
nothing at all worthy in the house to feed Bear.
So after fartyoga I stopped by the store
good ol' Panera, for soup and salads galore.
With me the cashier did dare argue and fuss
claiming my Fandango did not come with cheese and moss.
Yet once I got home, much to my vexation
my salad had the distinct odor of a third world nation.

Lower lip extended
I looked at my dinner
"Oh well", closing the box,
"at least I'll get thinner".
He sprung from the couch
baguette still in cheek
slipped on his sneakers
without speaking a speak
and off he then went
back out to the store
where he retrieved new, cheeseless salad
and my love
ever more


Needtsza said...

you're welcome =)

thanks for the thought and picking it up the first time. At least ya got a free salad and i got free soup outta it =)

Anonymous said...

its all part of the left wing conspiracy to ensure we don't get what we want when we Want it......

Dirka Dirka Mohammed Jihad