Tuesday, August 8

It's August 8th! And you know what that means!

Oh, you don't? Well. I'll tell you later.

So does anyone else find the following to be nostalgically perplexing and moderately depressing?:

Fred Savage Becomes a Dad
The Wonder Years Star Fred Savage is about to enjoy his own wonderful years - as a dad. The baby-faced former child star, 30, and his wife Jennifer Lynn Stone (a.k.a NOT Winnie Cooper) welcomed a baby boy on Saturday. Savage's son has yet to be named.

Their delay is understandable; considering the wild array of naming options. Can't you just imagine Mr. and Mrs. Savage laying awake at night and lobbing potential baby names back and forth? The possibilities are endless! Pretty much any first name in the world goes well with a manly-man last name like SAVAGE! Even:

-generally frou-frou names like Glenn or Allen.

Yeah, pretty much anything works.

Except "Fred".


Needtsza said...

Happy 8-8-well, almost 8

just wait for 8:08 tonight for an IM =\

dwb said...

winne cooper....mmmmmmm

Racquetball Pro said...

I vote for Randy "Macho Man" Savage II

Scott said...

How about Jungle? or Gay? or Aloisius? We don't have enough of them around.

Anonymous said...

Gay Savage?! Niiiice

Joel said...

yeah, i'm totally depressed about Fred Savage having a child. it kept me up last night, actually. good to see i'm not alone!!

bill said...

To be consistent with KassyK's name lament, with a too-easy surname like "Savage" it is only fair to select an unspellable / unpronounceable first name. Scott's suggestion "Aloisius" should work.

And yes, there must be a differential time lapse going on.