Tuesday, August 22

Cause I'm A Win-na, No Not a Lose-a

While I might not get much else done on any given day, I do more than my share of online surveys.

Sure, enter me in a sweepstakes I'll never win, go ahead. I'm more than happy to give 5 minutes of my day to tell you what I think of all the moisturizers I've used and/or heard of over the last twelve months. I'll be happy to drop what I'm doing to speak my mind on sodas, movies, airlines, techie shit, bras, heartburn meds, what have you. Ask away! I've been chosen to help shape the fabric of future merchandise and I get "points"?! Bring it on! I'm a total whore for anything with "points"!

It's win-win. This way, I get to bitch about how Ponds discontinued my favorite facewash without beleaguering you faithful readers. The marketers get to probe a willing customer for useful opinions and bestow within them a false hope of one day actually winning something in exchange. I get to take a nice little mental vacation, filling in "yes/no/sometimes" bubbles instead of reading system documentation at work and I get to collect things without taking up any closet space!

Just how many vats of moisturizer can one girl look at and comment upon, you ask? Well, I'm so glad you asked-- enough to win a sweepstakes, that's how many! HA!

Too bad my freebie ticket on American Airlines is only good for travel within the (continental) United States, or else I'd likely already be on my way to New Delhi.

Welcome, American Airlines. The first un-official sponsor of Beelog!

(that last link there? Yeah, that's a must-click. Sorry, no points awarded).


dwb said...

lets see how happy you are when a 1099 arrives in February 2007 for 642.50 of taxable income.

but then again, that would give you something to comment about...

DaGince said...

Gooooooooooood Luck you'll need it...as to the New Delhi, I suffer from the almost the same affliction...I was born with 6 nipples ..I MEAN TOES!!! TOES...not nipples...thats silly

Scott said...

I can name that song in 2 notes!

Needtsza said...

erra, song?

Anonymous said...

To be an MC is what I choose-ah

Ladies love me, girls adore me, I mean even the ones who never saw me

Yes, this was the first CD I ever bought.

Needtsza said...

oh THAT song. Yea. that's hot shit