Wednesday, July 19

Like it's MY Fault Your Scenes From "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" Were Deleted?

We arrived in Vancouver at 3am and attempted to check into our fancy schmancy hotel, to no avail. It's not that they took one look at us and said "oh heavens to Betsey! What the hell is that?!" then rushed off to board up the place. We were dressed appropriately, weren't chewing on long grains of wheat or anything. It was that they gave our room away.

To Danny Glover.


It might have also had something to do with the fact that the sweatpants that I was wearing were neither Juicy nor couture, but I assure you they gave away our room to Danny Glover. Who, by the way, is definitely one with the old "I can carry my own stuff thank you" notion.

So for a while there, thanks to Sgt. Murtaugh, we were homeless in a foreign city at 3am. However, we were soon sent to another hotel for the night. Wheelie bags or not, this is no small inconvenience (or such is the attitude we struck upon conversing with the dude at the front desk who was already sweating bullets --not an easy task in a city that hits a high of 16 degrees Celsius in the summer), but truth be told I was psyched for the bi-accomidational experience, even at 4am. I get to see two five star hotels?? And possibly even more c-list celebrities! Cooooool!!

We returned to the original hotel the next day to find we had been ridorkulously upgraded and graduated. I'm talkin' a gigantic suite, free bottles of red wine and chocolate covered mutant strawberries at bedtime, complimentary fancy schmancy meals in all kinds of fancy schmancy places for the remainder of our stay, and free internet access (tah dah *bow*)!

We partook in a lunch extravaganza of the F. Schmancy variety, courtesy of our very apologetic hotel, and then spent all day Monday burning it off by trotting around Vancouver. Today, after a breakfast extravaganza, we made a mission of getting to and seeing Victoria. Despite some rancid issues of the intestinal variety (I am once again reminded that nothing is free, not even free turkey sausage), the area is nothing short of breathtaking. You're just going to have to trust me on that because I left that vital photo cable back in D.C. That, my deodorant, and my ipod. Quick! Guess which one I would have rather had for the 8 hour bus and ferry ride today...!

Now guess which one the person sitting next to me would have preferred.

Preview of tomorrow


Tracey said...

Congrats on your upgrade, but Sgt Murtaugh a c-lister? He is at least a strong b-lister.

dwb said...

remember - they are dolphins, not whales. and my call works well if you want to try it - goes "heeere orca orca orca orca orca"

Needtsza said...

Thank god you told me some stuff about this story before writing it here, as it's confusing to the 'layperson' I'd believe.

Anyway, Breathtaking is what I've been told. We're fucking going back, if you didn't know!

Have a great great time!!! Deodorant can be bought...hell, a cable maybe too. With all that shopping, get on it girl ;)

Then again, that takes away from picture taking time.

Be good you two

and I love you beary =*

btw, is that what it really looks like at night there?

Scott said...

don't forget to say "mmmHIIiieeieieieEEE" to the whales for me ;-)

Oh, and Sgt. Murtaugh is SO a c-lister. It's a good thing it wasn't the other "star," Mel. Or else you might have had to open up the Passion of the Jew on his nasty-ass.

kershdo said...

But do they have casinos? ;-)

Needtsza said...

Donna, let it go babe

DCTXn said...

Danny Glover? I love how ridiculous it is. Like, if someone from American Idol waltzed in would they do the same? "It's Danny Glover, who cares, just give him the room." Ha, did they actually tell you they had to give it away to Danny Glover?

DaGince said...

You're getting to old for this shit...