Wednesday, April 12

Happy Happy Birthday, Baby

Ok so "happy happy" may be an overstatement seeing how said "baby" is currently pacing around the apartment with a donut in one hand and another in his cheek, ranting both loudly and sincerely about his school and their lack of professionalism. It's coming down to the wire and essential people/conversations required to enable his graduation have not taken place because his calls/emails have not been returned since October.

He's flailing his arms as he rounds the couch for the 15th time and he asks the cat "has the whole world has gone mad, Boomer?". Pink frosting shoots out of his mouth. Boomer gurgles and runs under the bed.

Regardless, I still wish you a happy, happy birthday, baby. I come bearing love.
And donuts.
(Same difference)


Lori said...

Happy Birthday!!!

*ahh you just made my day with the pink frosting comment* Thanks.

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Happy B-Day B-Man!

dwb said...

Stop the pouting old man and go win some money. Happy birthday and don't eat boomers yellow frosting....

Needtsza said...

thanks guys. btw, did you know that i have a blog of my own?

btw, I wouldn't go there for a few days

No shit, Dave....the rules do apply to you. I love you and all,....

and baby bear, Thank you for the trip sweetie!!!! That was one of the coolest things anybodys done for me.
Flew me out and away from this stupid place ("It's not a state") and even West =)

Great thought boo boo! =*