Wednesday, April 5

After All It Was A Great Big World, With Lots of Places To Run To

Maybe Dale is right and there's some kind of solar event going on today. Sunspots. Yeah, that's the ticket, sunspots are to blame for the roller coaster day I'm having. Goddamnit, it's not even 2pm and I've experienced nearly every feeling emoticonable!

I had an 11am appointment at the Infiniti dealer to get my oil changed and brake pads replaced; last call for the new car warantee (*sniff* my baby!). So, I got to work a little earlier than usual, always a pleasure, retrieved my car from the garage a mere 3 hours later and zoom zoom zoomed over to Alexandria.
After an hour in their customer lounge, a man with a giant penis for a head approached me and told me that no, they're not done, in fact, contrary to the very definition of "appointment", they won't even be looking at my car for a few more hours. He barely looked at me, fiddled with some keys, and said he was going to "throw" me into a loaner so that I could "return later in the afternoon", when the 6 mile drive would then take over 2 hours. No free banana bread is worth all that, surely not the sucky one they had in the sucky customer lounge. Sucky Virginia!! I told penishead that this was unacceptable, and asked for my car back. Here, I will truncate the story for the sake of my blood pressure. Needless to say, I won't be going back there, nor am I expecting a Christmas card from Passport Penishead Infiniti.

Back at the office, my boss was having an equally frustrating day. Possibly even moreso. As I oftentimes do, I escorted Niki to the little store in our building. We bought our boss some flowers (fake) and chocolate (real). The store promptly closed after our purchase, and locked Niki's chicken sandwich lunch therein. While I haven't known her long, I suspect this was a ploy to have Pop Tarts for lunch.

Only for Tom would I entitle a blog piece knowingly grammatically incorrect(ly). (Boy, once you stop obeying grammar rules, it's an immediate downhill slide). Anyway, a special fan bulletin came out today and I am more than delighted to report that (yeah, yeah Larry was right) not only will Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers be touring this summer for a 30th year, but the anniversary tour will include many "special guests" --including Pearl Jam. It's official! Man, two of my all time favorite bands in the same place at the same time!! I'm going to travel more this summer than I did on the VA contract!!!

While no other "friends" have been formally announced, but I'll bet my bippy that Dylan shows up. Fuck the solstice, this marks the official commencement of summer! Hoorah!!


dwb said...

you made a friend at work? kiss this job goodbye.....

Lori said...

ahh your time at the infiniti dealer reminds me of the time VW had my car for 10 days.. and had the nerve to get pissy with me when they refused to return ONE SINGLE CALL of mine! Bastards! So yeah.. I totally feel your pain.. and they also made appointments to which I was told.. oh whoever gets here first we work on first.. WTF is the point of making an APPOINTMENT?? then fuckheads...

can you tell I'm still a little bitter about it?? ;)