Tuesday, February 14

I Stand Corrected. It Was A Hershey Bar With Almonds.

It's rare that I listen to terrestrial radio these days, but I tuned in to Don and Mike long enough this afternoon to hear 4 chicks named Karen in a row call in to participate in a Valentine's Horror contest. $100 prize. Standing on line at the dry cleaners' with phone in hand, I called.

They picked up on the first ring. Caught me totally off guard. Boom, I was on the radio!

My little story spilled out of me in a completely uncomedic fashion, for all of terrestrial radio as well as the entire mob awaiting their dry cleaning with me to hear.

Larry once gave me half of a Snickers' bar for Valentine's day. He wrapped it and everything. Gave it to me in front of all of our friends and I cried and threw it at him. Don and Mike couldn't have cared less. They hung up on me.

I made it back to the car just in time to hear the "live" replay. Oh, the humanity! *blush*


Anonymous said...

Larry's loss

Needtsza said...

My gain =)

(my story will come tonight...as I think K has requested all to post their horror stories?

Anonymous said...

let's see... there was the Valentines day where I cried in "One if by Land.." then there was the Valentines where I tried to fix that by going there again and ended up crying again. Then there was the Valentines day where i had Doug send me flowers, then there was the Valentines day where I cried, gee, these are all starting to blur together.. and then there was the Valentines where my booboo cleaned the house, ran me a bath and made me a south beach approved fruit smoothie to go with my favorite wine and delicious dinner. things are looking up.
P.S. I still glol at that story :)

DaGince said...

So what your saying is that you didnt eat the candybar?...you waster wastey wastemachine...