Wednesday, January 11

The Search For Carrie

As anyone who works in a cube farm knows, the ladies' room provides for the only blissful moments of privacy the day has to offer. Upon the somber end of one such journey this afternoon, I found myself in the hallway.

In my experience here (now going on two months) said hallways are, more often than not, completely unoccupied. Even when they are occupied, it has become obvious to me, after many unrequited smiles and nods, that it is a great insult or downright violation of some Federal policy to in any way acknowledge a fellow hallway occupant. So, I was more than a little surprised when someone called out to me in the hallway today. Especially because I know so very few people here, and the ones I do know clearly wouldn't piss on me if I were on fire.

After hearing my name hollered in the hallway, I turned around to see a lady I did not recognize. She immediately brought her hand to her mouth and said "oh, I'm sorry! You're not Carrie"! We then shared a laugh as I told her that she was close, but I'm actually Karen. Ha. ha. ha. How nice to talk to someone during daylight hours who is not a barista.

Moments later, I found myself back at my desk. It would be at least an hour before I could justify again leaving my chair to seek the serenity of the ladies' room for another brief moment of solitude. In the meantime, and forever here on out, I will certainly be on the lookout for this Carrie character. I have simply got to see what her ass looks like.

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NoodleP said...

I thought this might make you laugh a bit - Living in cubical life can be so -well - public, so here are some potty pointers...