Monday, January 2

Another One Bites the Dust

Had a pretty laid-back new years' (and yours?); B and I spent a quiet night at home, cracked a pair of Yeunglings and danced around our living room. Let me tell you, that shit's hard to beat.

I finally got around to making that leek soup and it came out pretty darn good. Swish! A 2-point keeper! Speaking of balls, I also made spaghetti and meatballs, which someone neglected to stir, thereby not only singeing the balls (which is never, ever good) but bringing about the probable demise of my trusty large blue pot as well. ~pout~

Sunday, Shari came over to learn the ways of the music stealing world. We loaded her up on DMB, show tunes, and Songs in the Key of Springfield (shocking, right?) and in return she gave us our fill of disco and assorted 80's craptones. Did you know that Taylor Dayne has a Greatest Hits album?!

Anyhoo -- Happy new year, y'all! And thanks to Sherman and B for bringing laughter to a Monday, when laughter is always much-needed. You will be well rewarded. And not only in kharma.


Needtsza said...

Someone hasn't learned that someone else doesn't do the kitchen thing very well ;)
my bad booboo. I haven't given up on that pot yet!
Taylor Daynes greatest hits = one song remixed 18 times ;)

Lori said...

Wheee! I got my prize today! I like the christmas theme that it had going.. not sure if that was done on purpose or not! :) I didn't really expect a prize, I was really just playing cuz, well for the fun of it! Keep it comin, it gives me something to look forward too. Yes that's how sad my life is! :)

I've tried emailing this to you a few times already.. keeps getting bounced :( Even tried your wam account.. did that actually go bye bye? cuz that bounced too!

Michelle said...

What are Yeunglings?