Thursday, November 3

Dr. Honeybee, to the Disaster Room, Stat!

The first of my two weeks off is coming to a close and while I'm trying desperately to relish every moment, time continues to find clever ways to slip by. I finished assembling the closet organizer thing but have much left to do in the disaster room, have yet to so much as play the Sims, and for one reason or another can't seem to sleep past the ungodly hour of 9am. For example, it is now 11am and I've already tackled three slices of rye toast, about 8000 last minute fare searches to Vegas, and 2 old episodes of ER. Now back into the closet (like Weaver) I go.


Deatoni said...

Oooh, your body is stuck in work mode.
I can't seem to sleep more than 6 hours on any given day, even weekends.
Bad internal clock!

Cute pic. all together now..awwwwww..

VEGAS baby..

Needtsza said...

Weaver line was humorous.

Maybe tommorrow you can get some sleep? No phone. No dryer. No bear =| (PT @9)

Anyway, ltb. love the picture. someone must really like you ;)

"nubygwud" was my security code today =)

Michelle said...

Holy @!##!!@ Are you coming to Vegas? Mi Casa es Su Casa and I have VIP to TAO this weekend (New Bar/Ultra Lounge). Better than last weekend where I spent the night with ten dudes and four other chicks VIP'd at Spearmint Rhino with one of the GMs of the place. You'll have to call me to get THAT story. Love ya. M

Scott said...

What, no pittsburgh? :(

Jimmy said...

Hey K, the new layout is cool, but you need to change the font color a bit, it's impossible to read, at least on my computer