Tuesday, October 25

"True Friends Stab You in the Front" -- Oscar Wilde

Brian pouted and asked why my blog was worth so much more than his ($2,258.16 to his $564.54), I sweetly told him that it was probably because I write in full sentences and that I make fun of my friends. His smile was replaced by a glare.
I realized then that I might have a very self deprecating audience who both long to see their name in lights (and out of context), as well as to see what that other jackass I hang out with might have done lately. I hope I have been steadily providing both.

The most tragic and sad occurrence of this day, now dwindling down at 10:26pm, is the kid at the world series who was just on national TV long enough to burn a image of himself into the minds of millions (surely enough to describe him to a sketch artist, let alone to recognize him if you knew him) while clearly and downright gingerly picking his nose.
At 15, his life is over. And he doesn't even know it yet.

The second most tragic and sad occurrence of this day is that Shane said he wants to lick me like an envelope.

Even though I am mean to him, Brian is as sweet as pah and has volunteered to drive me to work in the morning (the return trip on 270 being no small feat, and probably the suckiest traffic this side of LAX) so that I can imbibe tomorrow afternoon and not have to worry about driving home. We'll be celebrating my departure, Lydia's, and Patty's (Lydia to Lockheed and Patty's to procreate)... do hope to see you there!

Very much looking forward to the happiest of hours!


Needtsza said...

Well, I guess this jackass failed, as I didn't drive ya up, but I'll be there and that's no small feat as I have TONS of work to do and I do live with ya.
I love that we watched a pretty exciting game 3 of the Series and all you got outta it was a kid picking his nose.

Anonymous said...

Well - at least he did not say that he wanted to shake you like a polaroid....