Tuesday, September 27

You Forgot Ugly, Lazy, and Disrespectful

CF threw an 80's party last weekend, from which I am still recovering. After we got over the fact that we were probably the only one's in attendance who were old enough to actually recall the 80's, it was a blast from the past on many levels. Leg warmers, teased hair, acid washed jeans, Joel and Chris finishing each others sentences...

Much thanks to our lovely host and hostess.
I do hope we're over the ugly keg v. sink incident.

Muchias gracias to Mr. Elway!
The best kind of host is the kind that keeps your paws clean.

An excellent display of 80's fashion.
Oh, don't act like you didn't peg your chinos.

Dan Johnson

High five, baby! YEAH!

Jem, in her later years but still truly (x3) outrageous, can be seen here seeking a moose at the bottom of bag of cheese doodles.

Maybe Chris misunderstood the premise as here he can be seen acting as if he's in his 80's. Plotz!


Needtsza said...

".....Shut up Bitch! Go fix me a Pot pie."

Lori said...

haha.. I was wondering why the girl in the first picture had so much make-up on..won't even go into what I was thinking... *coughwhitetrashcough*

Deatoni said...

Oh god, the cuffing of the chinos. What the hell were we thinking back then? Now if you'll excuse me, i gotta get a new pair of jeans that are
pre-ripped ($120 retail value!)

Sounded like a great time.

Jimmy said...

wait wait wait...

Chris is still alive? ;)