Monday, September 12

Chocolate Knish

It was unusually quiet and unchaotic for a few days. There was racquetball, there were long, soulful glances, there was time for leisurely zips to the drycleaner. Then, all hell broke loose. Dropped everything on Thursday and drove up to NY. Two funerals in one day. Tragic state of affairs. Truly sad. To top it off, I pumped another $400 into the Lincoln, Panera discontinued my favorite salad, and I have to go back to the office tomorrow.

On the other side of the coin, I got to play paddleball with my Dad. He metaphorically wiped the floor with me and, quite literally, wiped the floor with his head and elbow. Ow. Other than that, we had a fantastic time. Then, today, Brian ate a knish! At first, he was concerned about what the perfectly toasted and microwaved (I have a system) orange square might contain, but he ate it anyway. I was so proud! Shortly thereafter, he had really, really bloody toe surgery.

Really really.


dwb said...

I like to put mustard and the redonion sauce on them - yum.

About time with the toe - that thing was looking nasty

Needtsza said...

Can't wait to toe ya, dwb!