Saturday, September 10

Blogging Shiva

Oosterhouse: ah..dr. wu just kicked the plug ::Giggle::
"ahhhh computah clash"

Albatross: every year is the hardest

Humvee: nah, still look good, and I'd still wanna bag you,
your fine!

Cos: I haven't seen ole fat ass in 5 years.

Noodle: gas prices keep rising and we can get it from
other spots other then New Orleans... But Tabasco sauce is
only made in New Orleans and no one has raised the price of it…yet

One: you were happy with a $39 double heart ring....
kelly would not be

Winona: that's like yasmeen bleeth gross

Humvee: for being as drunk as I am. I trype supprisingly well…
type tomtoth and its fucking freaking.. sims ahh. .games games..

Slave2Slave: if thngs are gonna be hell, at least i can be
prepared for 'em

Oosterhouse: where can i sign up for the cock-sucking

Bears: it was raining and I was really unhappy and thought about how
we would be dancing to this song as OUR song at our wedding, as it
just seems to come back to this song. made things better. warmed me on
that cold, rainy hot chocolate.

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Needtsza said...

oh humvee...I guess everyone has a dream