Friday, August 26

They're Plastic, and They're Spectacular

Just hanging loose on a quasi-Friday night (I've got class tomorrow. Gotta be in Fairfax at 8a. Say it with me now... "ewwww"). We were going to head down to Georgetown and finally see The Aristocrats but I'm too pooped, and besides, the Skins are on. I'm pretty sure Brian's not talking to me since I force-pouted him into helping me move the cars around (so that the old one is protecting the new one by blocking it in next to a tree). I'm just trying to save lives here, people. (Do you want to be the first person to ding my car? Yeah, that's what I thought).


Deatoni said...

J..j..just a minute Kyle! this movie.

Dulcinea said...

I didn't know Brian was in Germany ;)

Needtsza said...

I'm pretty sure you didn't kiss me because I wouldn't give up my space and prolly have to park in fucking brazil again. so yea, i thought it appropriate to not say anything.

Needtsza said...

I care about your car, but nobody tried to help my new car out and look at it now, two MAJOR dings.
FUCKING ASSHOLE NEIGHBOR MOTHER FUCKERS. I'm out for helping myself, I guess, given that nobody has any manners in helping me. God forbid fucking Gene doesn't lie. Pile of Shit!
Think I'm pissed at the world and wanna save what's left of my car?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Scott said...

Dude..that's sick!

B: Stop sound like a bitch.

Buy Cialis! ::giggle::

Deloney said...

I don't drive anymore because I live on a subway line. That's good enough if I'm in a hurry.

I'm very fond of streetcars during the day and taxis late at night.

Amstel? Are you angelic or what? :-)

I'm going out for breakfast now. I have "a morning head" as Wooster always said to Jeeves (too much red wine nd Spanish sherry with relatives last night).

Needtsza said...

FUck you scott