Wednesday, August 17

T Minus 6 Days

Would you believe that AAA still hasn't fixed my car? Ok, that's not entirely true. Some 14 hours after my original call, they did actually show up and install my battery. However, in the process, the dude managed to render my hoodlock useless. I didn't realize this until I hit the road and the hood flopped open, like a giant gaping black mouth, completely blocking my view of the road.

The next loud sound you hear is me.

You are .inf You are informative.  When you are gone you make life very difficult for others.
Which File Extension are You?


Anonymous said...

Like Scene out of Tommy Boy

Scott said...

fuck AAA

EBC3 said...

I am a .exe person apparently.

Anonymous said...

.ppt - and these quizzes are starting to effect my self-preception.

Needtsza said...

Thank you. I added this to my shiot