Monday, August 29

Michael Jason Greenbaum

Please join me in welcoming Baby Jason to the big, scary, scary world.

Scarier still if you know his father.

He'll be spitting gum into plants in no time.


DaGince said...

Welcome MJ Greenbaum! This blog and this comment will be gone gone the way of the Dodo by the time you sit infront of a computer screen, if that is they even have computer screens when you are able to read...But welcome all the same Michael, the world was a very different place when your picture got posted on this site...I hope its better when you are older.

DaGince said...

Hey K,
I found a section called
"Show word verification for comments?"
in the editing side. If you put it to "ON" then people have to type in word so it will stop Blog Bots...Thanks for your support

Scott said...

aww baby-monkey-boy ;-)