Thursday, August 11


Just when I thought that I couldn't be any more impressed by her giant golden cohones, my best friend goes and performs on stage. With a supremely hunky backup singer.

The great chicken v. veal debate. No, really Wobyn, it's chicken! Bok bok, look!

Here's the whole jambque crowd, squashed together like sardines. This lady takes such terrible pictures... makes me glad I slammed her hand in the bathroom door.

What, why's that wrong?
Oh and where the hell was this when I was a kid?!


Dulcinea said...

*giggle* fine, it was chicken. Okay? :)

That was such fun- and, as always, oh-so-impressed with the Ly and B. (Send copies of the pics!)

Needtsza said...

Love!! the new BEE!!!-log


Anonymous said...

yay! I like thge redesign, especially the banner uptop and the borders around the tables..

we really didn't have to squish so close, but we all love ecah other, so, why not :)