Friday, June 10

Gunna Have Myself a Time

Back from Miami and playing with a create-your-own South-Park-character dealie, which I clearly stole from AC (who, blogparantly, has taken to dating imaginary crazy women... for a change).

Miami was crazy busy. Between grandma visit, Linda visit, near miss of Heat game 7, near Mel miss, and the creme de la creme Petty show (Oh and Shane? Katie was there), it's amazing that I squoze in some 60 hours of work. Guess I'll do some more while Brian mopes around tonight.

Fun, fun, fun Saturday. Got up early, did the requisite dry cleaning and 40 loads of laundry, then saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Bradgelina is undeniably hot, hot, hot. Movie itself? So not-so-hot.

At least I finally crawled out of my sleep deficit. Yeah, 17 solid hours of foamtop time should just about set me right. *yawn*. Maybe.

Happy Annibearsary!

Fine. Whatever. I'm going to bed.

1 comment:

Lori said...

scary how much you got those south park people to look like you. :)