Thursday, April 28

Crossing Over to the Pink Side

I'm one of those people that consumer reports warned you about. I research everything. We're talkin' everything. Ask anyone. Exhibit A: It took me over 2 years to find the camera that I wanted (exhibit B: See yesterday's post). Hey, figure if you're going to spend your hard earned bucks on something, it should be the perfect something. Or at least the most practical something that you can afford. Even if you're going to drop it in the toilet and drown it accidentally-- a fate not unbeknownst to some of my finer electronics.

So anynoodle, I was researching my potential new mp3 player (again) and stumbled accross some newsgroups. I continue to be amazed by the little societal microcasm of snootyness contained within forums and newsgroups; I mean, if you don't ask your question using precise lingo, odds are that even the most prolific chatty poster will ignore your sorry ass. It's awesome.

The good news is that I bought myself an ipod mini! (Why, yes, Target Visa, I will accept $50 cash from you to retain my card another month. Oh no no no, thank you). It was a bit of preemptive strike, cutting Lysa off at the unemployed pass. And yes, it's the 6Gigger. Bring on the noise, bring on the funk!

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!


Needtsza said...

Nice links! and congrats bear.

Scott said...

Remember how we were talking about Mac users yesterday...I think I jinxed myself. I went in to Shadyside for dinner last night and there were a huge line of Mac users lined up down 2 blocks waiting to get in to the Apple store to look at the new Mac OS X v10.4..."Tiger." They were standing rather patiently, considering they all had the cup o' Starbucks in hand. Even my former Microsoft friend, Todd, looked at the line and said "What's with all of the geeks?"