Monday, March 28

You Dishonor the Dumpling! You Swim Now!

I never get sick. I had perfect attendance for 12 straight years in school. Not an absence (well, sick-related. Ahem) on my permanent record. Lately, however, it seems that I have somehow acquired the immune system akin to that of a premature crackbaby. I've been sick, knock-down-fully-horizontal sick, three times in the last six months. The fuck is that about?

Meanwhile, my parents are afloat, on the other side of the world, with a possible serial overboarder. Seems a crew member on their cruise has "dissapeared" and they've gone back to "look" for him. Creeepy!! My brother and I are in discussions regarding who is going to place the shore-to-ship $8/minute call. Cha-Ching.

Had a conference call this morning and 4 sudafed's. B's asleep after playing with his coasters all night. The latest on Archie (and Archie's dad) can be found here. He's SUCH a cutie pie. I adore watching him grow up. Catching up with him is by far the best part of a sick day. Maybe we can have Lysa's bachelorette party at a gymboree so I can meet him? Wait! Don't reject that idea immediately! Let it roll around your brain a little... think about the plastic ball room...

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