Monday, March 21

Bear Springs Eternal

Hello, happy spring, and greetings from Manchester, NH! One uneventful flight and a sweet suite later, I'm settling down to finish that overdue Rosa Mexicano shop. Odds are I'm going to explore the lobby a few more times first, though. As lonely as I am, my good friend procrastination is always here to keep me company.

My l'il bro called my globetrotting parents on conference and woke them up (Mwhaahaaa) at 7am Thailand time. Was really good to hear from them... that 7.0 earthquake in Japan had me fretting. Shit, I forgot to tell my mom that her sister (WAS; Wonderful Aunt Susan, for those in the know) survived her 2 week unintended stay in a double wide trailer. My family is a panic. And my boyfriend is the sweetest man in the world. He left me the worlds' sweetest voicemail. *Sigh*

I'm contemplating ordering a pizza. Can Papa John's in NH be as bad as Papa John's in MD? Hmmm....

To be Continued

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