Sunday, February 6

Weekend Update

Hurt myself laughing (and drinking) Friday night at the DC Improv with B, Joel, and Sarah. Caroline Rhea was surprisingly hysterical, as was Costaki Something-or-other-opolous. (Boobies!!)

Rolled out of bed Saturday with a piercing headache to smash some balls (racquet, not Brian's) with Bettina and Lydia. I'm hoping we'll bash on the regular cause I had a great time and a great workout! Thanks to Lydia's killer serve and Bettina's sick returns, my legs are crazy sore. Definitely on the fence between sore-in-a-good-way and can't-move-from-the-couch-way.

Without furthur ado, here's the big news of the weekend. It's pretty big so you may want to consider vacating your orifices of soda, water, and/or other condiments...
In celebration of Philly's presence in the SuperBowl (which Brian predicted in August of '04 (because he's very very smart), and the impending dehydration of my ovaries, we booked our trip to Holland! Yup, we're seriously going! I mean if you're going to turn 30, might as well do so surronded by a billion tulips, ya know? Big time zonino! Top three zonino's in history, easily.

Which reminds me, Lysa's funnier than she knows and now has the blog to prove it.

Oh, and the webcam is up and active. Last night's test run was successful. Not successful in the "we caught the bastard and now know who to beat until they are dead" way, but successful in that we stealthfully filmed and recorded from the dashboard all night long. Between my neighbors, and this link that Donna sent me, I spent the latter half of the weekend pondering what this world is coming to. And cleaning.

Webcam captures it's first shot of a neighbor. Kinda has a hint of Baldwin in there, doesn't he?

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Mmmmm - Coolfont!! - When do we go? - Can Lysa come to play too? - dmk