Tuesday, February 8

Keeping Your Mouth Shut is a Solid Contingency Plan

Gave the webcam the night off, mostly because that thing eats eight AA batteries per night and is therefore getting pretty costly to run, but also because I couldn't get the prime egging spot at the front of the building. It appears the eggers took the night off as well. Maybe they don't even bother leaving the house when it's not welfare check day?

Sorry, that's not really me talking. Or yelling in Brian's ear. It's my evil twin.

Some cashier chick at Costco (with great skin) told me that I look "strikingly like the lady from Nine Months". If you are having a hard time containing your laughter, please refer yourself to today's title. And hey, did you know that today is national "Love Your Costco Cashier" day!?

Costco love comes in bulk!


Needtsza said...

They take the night off when WE aren't parked there. Hell, there was a guy with a Sirius radio right in front!!! last night.
Egg him....Rob him.....NO! It's not Brian or Karen.
It's personal.
Speaking of, I'm gonna get personal on the people above us.
Tomato for Tomato.....keep banging around at 2am. it's on tonight.

For everyone else, Watch her blog tommorrow for an update on that!

Joel said...

wow, needstza, thanks for letting me know to check HER blog. why don't you plug YOUR secret blog??? tsk tsk tsk.